Hidden Strategies Of Successful Bloggers

blogging secrets

Blogging monetization is a multi layered strategy. You need to access the first layer to better understand and access the next layer.

When you have the audience and the basics of your blogging monetization set up you’ll want to make the most of what you have. That usually means monetizing your audience better. If you think of your audience as a person, let’s say for the sake of this example that your audience is your cousin Sarah and your brother Ken, they represent everything that your audience is.  You have a very successful blog about how to live a healthier life. Ken and Sarah really love your posts, they exercise the way you tell them to on your blog, they even eat what you tell them to and sleep when and how much you tell them to.

Now for just one moment consider the power you have on Ken and Sarah’s life, they really value you as a partner and are committed to doing what you propose.  In some way they are already giving you profit, due to the monetization technics that you already have in place on your website.

But Ken and Sarah go to the grocery store almost every day, they buy clothes almost every week, they go to the bookshop every month and probably once a year they travel to another country.

With affiliate marketing you can tap into these profit opportunities in Sarah and Ken’s life.

The Power Of Affiliate Marketing

When we are talking about affiliate marketing we need to understand that you can represent big brands or small brands through specific affiliate marketing programs or you can represent almost everything through a general affiliate program such as Amazon. Meaning that anytime Sarah and Ken buy healthy products on Amazon that where suggested by you, you get a share of that revenue. That is not limited only to food, books on self improvement, clothes, sporting gear that you recommend but also to an adventurous trip that you recommend for summer vacation.

Of course that trip cannot be recommended through Amazon, at least not yet. There are multiple sources finding affiliate programs to join to. You can use Clickbank, ShareaSale, Linkshare, to find some of the best affiliate programs but you are not limited to these platforms. Aside from Amazon you have iTunes program for example that gives you an opportunity to tap into a great market of digital products that are widely loved and recognized.

This is the hidden strategy used by the bloggers that make the most revenue from their websites. As an affiliate you can get huge commissions for great products that your audience already buys.


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