Monetising Your Blog Through Email List Building

email list-building for bloggers

Email lists will be your most valuable asset in the long run when it comes to monetising your blog. It’s like having your prospects phone number and giving them a call, every 15 days. Actually, it’s better than that, with a good email list you’ll reach your target audience at the tap of a button.

How big should your Email list be?

As big as possible. You want to have as many contacts as possible in order to reach your audience easily with your new content and products. But don’t forget that having a list that is not targeted to your niche is fairly useless. The value of your email list is that they know who you are and they subscribed to hear more about you because they already like what you have to offer. So don’t try any black hat tactics. Buying email lists is a complete waste of time. These lists have been thrashed multiple times by people, avoid like the plague!

Most people don’t have huge email lists, other people are just starting their list and that’s okay. Start gathering some emails with a newsletter on your website. Email lists take time to build that’s why we wanted you to have this strategy to have things rolling faster!

Offer a Giveaway that really interests your audience. Something as simple as a ten page report on how to “insert something that you are teaching here” will do. Don’t forget how important it is to give valuable information, information that your audience can’t get anywhere else!

Just before your “Get it Now” button ask for their email address. You’ll see your list build up within days!

Now let’s get to what really matters.

What should you do with that email list?

Simple. Do what you already do.

Send them an email when you have that cool article coming out, they will be glad to hear from you. How does that turn into cash? Any visitor equals a money making opportunity if you have advertising on your blog.

Your focus should be to keep your audience coming back. As simple as that!

Now, every once in a while, you should use your mailing list to make a few extra bucks. Tell them about your new products or products you are endorsing.

In the long run, your email list, if treated with care can be your biggest source of revenue for your blog. It may not seem much when you are starting out but as your list grows so do the money making opportunities that are associated with them.

Don’t forget to treat your email list as a friend! Build that relationship by providing transformational value to your prospects! It will pay back in dividends in the future.


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