Create Your Own Product?

Something that only a select few bloggers think about when it comes to monetising their blog is creating their own product. And that’s okay, because there are other sources of revenue you can tap into. But if you want to tap into the real revenue-generating power, then you should consider creating your own product.

Most of us have a lot of expertise, we can be great cookers, great coaches, football players or understand children’s issues and struggles. But if you are a successful blogger you should definitely try to make more money from the public you have.

A successful blog is measured in traffic, not on how much money the blog is making. But if we are honest, money is always an important part of the equation.

To have a steady income you should focus your efforts in having multiple revenue streams, more than one or two ways of making money with your website. Being that if one of your monetization methods fails you one month, the other revenue streams will make you feel safe and give you financial stability.

Having your own product is the ultimate money making aspiration for any blogger, because your revenue per sale is huge in comparison to all other monetization opportunities.

How to create your product:

First avail your audience, those are your buyers so if you don’t get this first step right you might as well not do it at all.

Let’s imagine that you have a Daily Recipe Blog. You need to create a product that will give value to your fans. Make them love your product as much as they love your blog and you’ll be just fine!

Secondly, think of something you can do. If you can write, (and you do, after all you are a writer!) write a book. In this example it can obviously be a recipe book, something that you know a lot about. But if you have car themes blog for example be creative, you can always write tips to having your car at it’s best shape at all times.

Or then again, write the Secrets to the greatest cars in human history! You can have the title, but mostly just write about what you know and give value to your visitors!

Once your book is ready, revise it. Make sure it’s not filled with typos, and that you don’t repeat yourself too often. Your fan’s time is valuable, don’t waste it!

You know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”… But then again, people do. So you should worry about that. Hire a graphic designer and demand their best work. It will be worth it.

Now that  you are ready to launch your product you need to define if it’s going to be a physical or digital product.

If you are starting out and testing the waters, just go with an e-book. It’s your cheapest option to test if your audience will love it. As soon as you see your product sales spiking, then turn your product into a physical book. Your bank account will thank you for it!


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