Thanks for coming through to check out my about page! My name is Barbara and I run several niche blogs on the internet. I have made many mistakes throughout my online journey and learnt a number of important lessons. I want to share the lessons I have learnt over the years and help you shortcut the time it takes you to start generating a legitimate income online.

I decided to create this blog because so many of us love blogging. We love sharing our passion with the world in the form of writing. Many of us have fantastic websites with awesome content but we haven’t implemented any monetisation strategies in order to start generating an income from our blogs.

I mean, we put so much work into it, why shouldn’t we be rewarded for sharing our gifts with the world? And besides, generating an income will allow you to create even better content for your readership!

The blog monetiser is pretty self-explanatory. It is a website that posts useful information on how to monetise your blog. There are millions of blogs out there and many of them have gained a great following and readership but they still aren’t making any money.

We post content on various business models that can be utilised to monetise any blog. One of the most popular business models is affiliate marketing, and for good reason. We are passionate about affiliate marketing and firmly believe that it operates the most lucrative business model out there today. There are also a variety of other strategies you can use to monetise your blog and this website is dedicated to showing you exactly how each one of them works.

We hope you find our information useful – we want to help as many people monetise their blogs so they can transition from running a blog as a hobby to running a legitimate business online. We all want the freedom and flexibility of an online business and many of us don’t realise just how close we are to this. Implementing a few strategies in your blog can be life-changing for you.

We all know that the best job to have is one that you feel passionate about and enjoy doing – so our mission is to help people combine the two! We love blogging and we have fantastic opportunities to turn this hobby into a full-time business without pissing off our readers. The key to this is honesty and transparency.

Online business is fantastic. The ability to run a business from your laptop is a luxury that most people assume is reserved for the lucky few. We want to show you that it is within reach of anyone willing to learn the skills and apply their newly learnt knowledge to their websites.